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Welcome to the developer site for the Analysis Exchange (AE). For information on the prototype, Tangerine, visit the Tangerine Documentation

This effort is guided by the industry consortium Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable. As the name implies, the AE is a set of design patterns and ontologies for exchanging data between analytic solutions. While the AE offers a system concept for exchanging data, the focus is on the partnerships formed among analytic technology organizations. The aim of these partnerships is to achieve common goals and efficiencies, build competitive advantages, and more effectively respond to customer needs by sharing information.

The AE debuts November 2017. As a developer, domain analyst, integrator, or visionary, you’re encouraged to learn more about the AE and how it can benefit your organization. The projects listed here are examples of Roundtable partnerships. The documents below provide an overview of the AE and the Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable:

Technical Materials

This site provides technical documents, use cases and reference implementations that embody the Analysis Exchange. After reading the design document above, the next logical items to digest are the ontologies and then the use cases to see how they are applied. All of this information is hosted on GitHub at These resources are also summarized in a flyer

These Use Case projects are available in full here:

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